KAROLA DIERICHS Architectural Research and Design

3D Laserscanning 2013

The five-day workshop Informed Matter – Aggregate Structure conducted at the Institute for Computational Design at Stuttgart University explored the formation of full-scale aggregate structures under compression through jamming of non-convex designed granulates. In this context, 3D laserscanning has been used to measure and document a self-supporting dome consisting of circa 5000 non-convex designed granules.

Eight scan-positions were laid out in order to record the granular vault, registering both the overall structure as well as certain focus areas in higher resolution. In combination with laser-distance measurements, these data are used to record the temporarily stable state of the granular matter after specific pouring conditions have been implemented in order to gain insights into the volumetry and texture of the aggregate structure.

Institute for Computational Design
K Dierichs, Professor A Menges

Institute for Engineering Geodesy
A Scheider, Professor V Schwieger

IEP 2013

IEP 2013

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