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Blow – Aerodynamic Urban Plan
Blow - Aerodynamic Urban Plan

Blow - Aerodynamic Urban Plan

Miami/USA is classified as a hurricane risk zone. The urban fabric has the capacity to directly affect aerodynamic forces through its geometric and material qualities. Yet on the one hand wind risk is inadequately assessed for the existing condition and on the other there are no guidelines for the future development of the urban fabric, that take the interaction with aerodynamic forces into account.

The first phase of the project suggests a new formula of hurricane wind risk assessment. It is more local and based on more precise data than the one used by current engineering standards. The second phase focuses on the development of a four-dimensional urban code. This allows for the urban fabric to gradually develop into a geometry that affects and resists aerodynamic forces in a gradual manner under the given conditions.

Three planning strategies are formulated and combined into a four-dimensional planning technique, giving building recommendations for a specific urban site. These guidelines are tested in context with conventional governmental planning requirements. The South Florida Building Code suggests a typology that links program to geometric characteristics of a design. These requirements are now linked up with the geometric guidelines suggested by the new code. A new geometric typology – or tectology – evolves complying both with the aerodynamic and the conventional design conditions.

Diploma Thesis 1999 – Architectural Association London
Karola Dierichs
Supervisors: Ben van Berkel, Ludo Grooteman, Michael Hensel

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