KAROLA DIERICHS Architectural Research and Design

AA Component Membrane
AA Component Membrane

The AA Component Membrane is a permanent canopy for the roof terrace of the Architectural Association in London. Following a commission by the AA director the canopy was designed and manufactured by EmTech in collaboration with Buro Happold in just 7 weeks. As the existing substructure of the terrace cannot withstand high torsional forces resulting […]

The Oyster – Prototype Flood Resistant Housing 02
The Oyster - Prototype Flood Resistant Housing 02

The Prototype for Flood Resistant Housing 02 was developed during the International Architecture Biennale Masterclass 2005 lead by Greg Lynn. The modulated structure invites the flood and at the same time is entered and embraced by it. It plays with the rising and falling water levels, containing the water and letting go. Drawing on the […]

The Ark – Prototype Flood Resistant Housing 01
The Ark - Prototype Flood Resistant Housing 01

The Prototype for Flood Resistant Housing 01 was developed as a preparation for the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) 2005 Masterclass conducted by Greg Lynn. The prototype can rest within the landscape if conditions are dry and floats if the area is flooded. It consists of a series of four hulls which are each articulated […]

Urban Lakes
Urban Lakes

Urban Lakes is located in the area of the former Lake Texcoco, a 170 square kilometer derelict piece of land to the east of Mexico City. Lake Texcoco is a dried out lakebed. It displays a number of natural hazards and ecological sensitivities, such as flooding and bird migration. Urban Lakes proposes to turn this […]


The project was originally designed for the ‘Ephemeral Structures for the City of Athens’Competition 2002 and later developed parametrically during the Smart Geometry Conference 2008 within the workshop ‘Form for Manufacture’ conducted by Axel Kilian. Slow is ‘in the way’. It logs itself into places of high pedestrian circulation. In doing that, it slows people […]

Blow – Aerodynamic Urban Plan
Blow - Aerodynamic Urban Plan

Miami/USA is classified as a hurricane risk zone. The urban fabric has the capacity to directly affect aerodynamic forces through its geometric and material qualities. Yet on the one hand wind risk is inadequately assessed for the existing condition and on the other there are no guidelines for the future development of the urban fabric, […]