KAROLA DIERICHS Architectural Research and Design

ITECH Master Thesis 2015 – O Kyjanek, L Yunis

Behavior-based Robotic Strategies for Adaptive Design of Aggregate Systems

Ondrej Kyjanek M.Sc.
Leyla Yunis M.Sc.

Thesis Advisors
Karola Dierichs, Lauren Vasey

Thesis Supervisor
Prof. Achim Menges

First Examiner
Prof. Achim Menges

Second Examiner
Prof. Jan Knippers

The project ‘Regenerative Matter’ presents ‘an adaptive construction process with designed aggregate systems using an industrial robotic arm and robotic control systems based on behavioral robotics. The goal is to find a way to generate and re-generate granular matter and use different design criteria to reconfigure it at any point of its construction. This technique exploits the aggregate system’s ability to be recycled into a variety of temporary stable shapes through a behavior-based control system that utilizes online sensing to evaluate and act on the present emergent state.

The system iterates through three fundamental steps: the robot produces the particles, aggregates them into structures, and disaggregates the particles back into stock matter. Aggregates can be regenerated or rearranged to meet different programmatic, structural, and environmental demands while the robotic arm serves as both the recycling tool and the online-controlled deposition machine.’ (LY/OK)



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