KAROLA DIERICHS Architectural Research and Design

Lecture AMOLF Amsterdam Holland
Karola Dierichs will give a lecture on ‘Designed Granular Matter – Aggregate Architecture’ at the Designer Matter Conference at FOM Amolf in Amsterdam held from 22.06.-24.06.

From the AMOLF website: ‘Throughout the ages, civilizations have been defined by the materials that underpin their dominant technologies (stone, bronze, iron, steel, silicon). We may be witnessing the dawn of a new episode: that of designer matter. Whereas out of all possible forms of matter only a small fraction has been realized in nature, unprecedented control of matter (3D printing, self-assembly, in-vitro biomimetics), is increasingly allowing us to create, investigate and dream of an unprecedented range of novel, structured forms of matter. Scientists have traditionally focused on figuring out the building blocks of matter, and more recently have gained much insight into how collective properties emerge from the interactions of these building blocks. The next scientific revolution will be to attack the inverse problem: to design the building blocks so that a given property or behavior emerges.
This workshop aims to bring together exciting work in both the physics and engineering communities, including broad topics such as mechanical metamaterials, soft robotics, origami, jamming, architecture and design principles & strategies.
Paticipation in this event is by invitation only.’

Designer Matter Workshop, AMOLF Amsterdam

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