KAROLA DIERICHS Architectural Research and Design

Non-Convex Particle Model 2012
Non-convex Polyhedra 2012

Non-convex Polyhedra 2012

In order to arrive at a computational design model for designed granulates, several already existing particle types are analyzed using the notion of convex and non-convex hulls. Based on this, a new particle type for sheet material is suggested both integrating the features developed so far and adding new morphological characteristics. These different particles types are physically tested for strength, insulation and packing density. A second set of experiments and Rigid-Body simulations is carried out using a related computational model for a particle-design that is developed for injection-moulding. These latter tests are aiming mainly at investigating the particle parameters that govern structural stability in an aggregate consisting of non-convex particles.

Karola Dierichs – Institute for Computational Design (ICD) – Professor Achim Menges

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