KAROLA DIERICHS Architectural Research and Design

Numerical Simulation 2013

The project seeks to develop Discrete Element Method simulations that allow for modeling of the behaviour of non-convex granulates which are designed to form architectural structures. Initially a benchmark between two modeling approaches was run, showing that with increasing particle numbers a clump-based particle model allows for less computational time than a block-based one. The need for deformable object modeling was tested using High Speed Filming in collaboration with the Plant Biomechanics Group at the University of Freiburg. Both approaches allow for the analysis of micro-mechanical behaviour, such as contacts, moments or particle velocities at any given point in time. The simulations are used to investigate both variant particle shapes and aggregation processes on an architectural scale. The project is run within the framework of the ITASCA Education Partnership (IEP) Program.

Institute for Computational Design
K Dierichs, Professor A Menges

ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc.
Dr S Emam, Dr L te Kamp, Dr M Purvance, Dr R Taghavi

IEP 2013

IEP 2013

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