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The Ark – Prototype Flood Resistant Housing 01
Flood Protoype 01

Flood Protoype 01

The Prototype for Flood Resistant Housing 01 was developed as a preparation for the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) 2005 Masterclass conducted by Greg Lynn.

The prototype can rest within the landscape if conditions are dry and floats if the area is flooded. It consists of a series of four hulls which are each articulated in a different geomeric configuration to form a floating body, a living area, a landscape integration and a roof-cover. The design has been developed using both digital modelling and 3D printing tools and was exhibited during the IABR 2005 as part of the Masterclass exhibition.

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam Masterclass
Karola Dierichs
Supervisors: Eva Castro, Leyre Asensio-Villoria, David Mah, Eduardo Rico
Team: Sarah Abdul Majid, Alfredo Ramirez

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